Prevention with genetic testing

Make the most of early opportunities
Recognise your risks early
Live an optimal lifestyle
Stay healthy at any age
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Avoid cardiovascular diseases
Prevent side effects from medication
Avoid cancer
Limit the risk of developing dementia or depression

Avoid diseases!

Heart attacks – how do they happen?
Diabetes – who is particularly affected?
Obesity – can the cause be genetic?
Alzheimer’s – does it help to know your risk?

IhreGene offers genetic analysis at the highest scientific level.

Our genetic tests were developed by a highly specialised team of researchers and specialists in preventive medicine. They use the most up-to-date discoveries in the field of genetics and preventive medicine. Our genetic specialists have trained and qualified in the field of predictive genetic analysis as part of the only German Masters programme in preventive medicine at Dresden International University. The scientific director of this programme, Dr. Kira Kubenz, is responsible for the development of our genetic analyses and their interpretation.

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IhreGene works together with leading scientific associations and universities: