Your benefits from genetic testing

  • Recognise important opportunities and risks for your health
  • Learn how you can recognise these risks in good time and take effective preventive action
  • Discover the optimal lifestyle for you in order to remain healthy for a long time

Choose one of our genetic tests

IhreGene Genetic Tests Prevention Complete

Genetic test Prevention Complete

Our most comprehensive genetic test looks at your genetic disposition to many illnesses, including strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, lactose intolerance, osteoporosis, inflammations, cancer, dementia. Find out moreFind a genetic specialist

IhreGene Gen-Tests Cardio

Genetic test Cardiac

Our Cardiac genetic test gives a good overview of the most important illnesses as you get older, such as cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, thrombosis and its causes such as diabetes, high blood pressure and lipid metabolic disorder. Find out moreFind a genetic specialist


Genetic test Brain

Our Brain genetic test monitors risks in the area of stress liability, depression, dementia and illnesses linked to an increased risk for arteriosclerosis and strokes. Find out moreFind a genetic specialist


Genetic test Nutrition

The Nutrition genetic test looks at lactose intolerance, the risk of metabolic disorders like diabetes and lipid metabolic disorder, obesity and osteoporosis; test for gluten intolerance if required. Find out moreFind a genetic specialist


Genetic test Detoxification

Our Detoxification genetic test checks for Phase I and II detox enzymes, thus giving an indication of the risk of being unable to properly rid your body of toxins, which in some circumstances can lead to cancer. Find out moreFind a genetic specialist


Genetic test Medications

The Medications genetic test looks at the most important variants in the breakdown enzymes for medications, thus helping avert side effects and intolerances, as well as medications being ineffective. Find out moreFind a genetic specialist