• Our Cardiac genetic test gives a good overview
    of the most important illnesses as you get older, such as cardiovascular diseases
    such as heart attacks, strokes, thrombosis and its causes
    such as diabetes, high blood pressure and lipid metabolic disorder.

Our genetic tests – cardiology

Genetic test – Cardiac

Many vascular illnesses that can develop with age, such as heart attacks, strokes and thrombosis, can be partly caused by genetic variations. Choosing the most optimal lifestyle for you has a great influence on whether or not these genetic predispositions are activated. These illnesses can be avoided, or at least you can put off developing them until you are much older. The Cardiac genetic test checks up to 50 different genes for their variants, and includes the most important issues in prevention of heart diseases. Our results show your personal risk for developing various illnesses, including heart attacks, strokes, thrombosis, diabetes and lipid metabolic disorder.

This genetic test was put together by specialists in preventive medicine so that you can find out what you can do in order to stay healthy for longer. Your doctor will explain the personalised results to you in detail.

IhreGene Genetic test: Cardiac

The following risks are checked in this genetic test:

Coronary heart disease, heart attacks, aneurism, strokes, thrombosis, high blood pressure, lipid metabolic disorder, age-related diabetes, overweight, insulin resistance, inflammations, medication tolerances, dealing with stress, depression.


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