• The Nutrition genetic test looks at lactose intolerance,
    the risk of metabolic disorders like diabetes and lipid metabolic disorder,
    obesity and osteoporosis; test for gluten intolerance if required.

Genetic test – Nutrition

Genetic test – Nutrition

Many illnesses that you can suffer from as you get older, such as heart attacks, strokes and thrombosis, can be caused by genetic variants. Choosing the most optimal lifestyle for you can help you avoid these illnesses, or at least you can put off developing them until you are much older. This Nutrition genetic test checks up to 40 different genes for their variants, particularly those linked to important nutrition issues. Our test will reveal your individual risk of developing different illnesses, including diabetes, obesity, lipid metabolic disorder, and lactose intolerance.

This genetic test was put together by specialists in preventive medicine so that you can find out what you can do in order to stay healthy for longer. Your doctor will explain the personalised results to you in detail.


The following risks are checked in this genetic test:

Arteriosclerosis (calcification of vessels), lipid metabolic disorder, age-related diabetes, insulin resistance, overweight, vitamin deficiency, lactose intolerance, osteoporosis, detoxification, and macular degeneration.


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