What is genetics?

  • Genetics is the basis for the functioning of our body
  • Genetics provides the framework for our health and diseases
  • Genetics determines the individually optimal lifestyle.
Genetics Background


Genes are the building blocks of our lives. They control our metabolism and often form the basis for what diseases we could develop. You can influence whether risks are turned on or off by choosing an optimal lifestyle.

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Epigenetics influence the enabling or disabling of our genes. For every person there is an optimum individual lifestyle and optimal environmental conditions.

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Prevention of age-related diseases

Many age-related diseases are cause by a declining immune system. If we cannot deal well with inflammation genetically, this system needs support.

Prevention of metabolic disorders

Lipid metabolism and diabetes are strongly influenced by genetics. But with an appropriate lifestyle you can prevent the risk from being activated.

Prevention of cancer

Our detoxification enzymes are instrumental in the development of cancer. Depending on the model, they have to be supported differently to function optimally.