• Laboratoires Réunis is accredited under ISO 9002 for genetics
  • Our doctors are specialists in preventive medicine
  • Our team are experts in preventive genetic testing
Genetic Specialist

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We insist that our partner doctors and laboratories meet our high standards for training and quality. Our partner doctors are qualified in preventive medicine, and have mostly all qualified as part of the internationally recognised 2-year Masters’ programme in preventive genetics at Dresden International University (DIU). This programme is also certified by the Doctors Medical Council (Ärztekammer) in Hamburg. The laboratory that carries out our analyses is well-known and certified under the ISO norm. Our Scientific Advisory Board comprises well-known scientists from various disciplines, who are mostly leading members of the largest professional association for preventive medicine, the GSAAM.

IhreGene Laboratory


Laboratoires réunis is an owner-operated laboratory in Luxembourg and has been acknowledged as a leading laboratory for excellent quality in the field of medical diagnostics and analyses for several decades. It is a reliable partner for the field of genetics and preventive medicine. The laboratory in accredited under the ISO 9002 norm and carries out the analyses in its laboratory. Human geneticists and molecular biologists ensure high quality and provide us with advice. Professor Weber and his team ensure that the analyses are carried out in a scientifically correct manner, and that the results are passed on to us correctly. A guarantee for your security.

Dresden International University

Dresden International University

This Masters’ programme is the first and only internationally recognised Masters’ study for preventive medicine in Germany. In order to give patients sound advice and to treat them accordingly, doctors need knowledge and experience of the ageing process and common complaints such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, dementia, cancer and many others. In this programme, doctors are taught by well-known scientists and specialist doctors. The high level of expertise and many years of experience guarantees a high-level training in modern preventive medicine. The Scientific Directors are Professor Dr. med. Wolf and Dr. med. Kubenz MSc.

GSAAM IhreGene

German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine e.V. (GSAAM)

This is the largest professional association for preventive medicine in Germany. At its annual congress, the GSAAM presents the newest developments in preventive medicine and provides wide-ranging specialised training for doctors and chemists in the field of preventive medicine. Members of the Board are the President, Professor Dr. med. Kleine-Gunk, Professor Dr. med Huber, Professor Dr. med. Mueck, Professor Dr. med. Nixdorff, Professor Dr. med. Boeck, Dr. Meigel and Dr. med. Kubenz.