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IhreGene is the special supplier of high quality, reliable genetic tests and operates under the strict guidelines of the German gene diagnostics law. Under the technical direction of Dr. med. Kira Kubenz, MSc. predictive genetic tests based on the latest scientific findings and interpreted for doctors and patients are developed. This personalized preventive medicine gives the patient the opportunity to get the optimal lifestyle for him and so forestall the development of diseases. Due to our high quality genetic tests each opportunities are individual and can be used to heal older or to identify potential individual risks in time to counteract them. IhreGene works medical professional and is a reliable and trustworthy partner in gene diagnostics for patients and doctors.
The philosophy behind IhreGene Prevention is one of the most important elements of a healthy old age. But it is not the same for each individual. Knowing what is recommended for you personally requires a special type of training in preventive medicine, knowledge of genetics and a network of specialists and scientists to put together the right genetic test package for you. IhreGene wants to help you reach this goal. Our Medical Director and managing director has put together various genetic analysis packages and will evaluate these together with your doctor. As Scientific Director (2012-2015) of the only German Masters’ course in preventive medicine, she trains doctors in the field of preventive genetic analysis. Taking all information into account, including patient history and laboratory tests, she will draw up an individualised interpretation of your results, including extensive recommendations and how to optimise your lifestyle choices. At IhreGene, we support your efforts to make the best prevention choices.

Dr. med. Kira Kubenz, MSc. in preventive medicine, is a private practice doctor in Hamburg and specializes in preventive medicine. As one of the first she completed a Master’s degree at the DIU, Dresden (Dresden International University) in preventive medicine and specialized in genetics. Dr. Kira Kubenz founded the company that operates throughout Europe IhreGene GmbH. As a physician and director she developed genetic tests for many years. She was scientific director of the master’s degree program for preventive medicine at the DIU, Dresden (2012-2015) and also teaches genetics. She is an active member in medical bodies, including as a member of the Executive Board of the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (GSAAM).
Born on March 10th 1958 in Gersthofen near Augsburg 1977 finished High School 1977-1979 Traineeship at Siemens industrial clerk 1979 – 1985 The Study of Human Medicine 1986 -1992Medical officer in the army 1992 Flotilla surgeon of the reserve Doctor of Naturopathic Certified for Nutritional Medicine at the AEK Hamburg Psychosomatic primary care Acupuncture in DÄGfA Expertise in addiction medicine Courses of GSAAM on the prevention of age-related diseases Seit 1999 established in private medical practice in Hamburg with emphasis on prevention medicine, nutritional medicine 2006 Beginning with predictive genetic analysis 2007 -2009 Master’s program in preventive medicine at the Dresden International University (DIU) with Master of Science degree in preventive medicine 2008Author for the book “Grandpa you can do it too – say healthy and fit” 2008Formation of the company IhreGene GmbH; since then CEO and Medical Director Since 2009 Speaker at international conferences 2012 – 2015 Scientific Director of the Masters Course for Preventive Medicine of the DIU Since 2013 Member of the Board of GSAAM
Astrid Berg is a Chemist and responsible for answering questions on side effects and tolerance of medications.
Assen Popov is our IT expert and responsible for our databank and IT. His job is to make sure your data remains safe and protected.