A small blood sample, or some saliva – that’s all we need.

  • Your doctor will give you all the information you need,
  • and will take a small blood sample or some saliva.
  • The doctor will later explain the results to you in detail.
Before doing the genetic test, your doctor will explain everything to you in full. Your doctor will tell you which genes are to be analysed and explain the consequences of that knowledge about your genetics for you and your lifestyle. You must sign a declaration stating that you have completed this consultation and that you want the text to be carried out. The test will be taken by your doctor or an assistant. The analysis is made from a small blood analysis. You do not need to undergo the examination on an empty stomach. Alternatively, the test can be made using a saliva sample, but in this case you should not eat anything for one hour before the sample is taken and do not use mouthwash prior to the test. The packaging contains full information about how the saliva sample is to be taken. The sample is labelled with a number. In the laboratory, the sample is then anonymised and analysed under strict controls. The sample is ready after 2–4 weeks, and the raw data is delivered to IhreGene. Our experts interpret the data in an individual test result. This is sent to your doctor, who can take these findings and all other available information to give you an individual interpretation and advise you on lifestyle recommendations. The anonymised results and the interpretation will be explained to you in detail by your doctor.